The Indian Ocean In Chaos!

Disaster is yet to come, the world order is being changed once again. With new leadership and a new ideology, the nature of globalization created unity between all countries. Using this new globalization China started to grow economically at a rapid rate. What started as a good idea became a weapon for China to grow. Grow to the point where China can control the world. Now other countries must take action to keep the unity and goodwill that formed globalization.

During this quarantine and worldwide pandemic, it is vital for countries must focus on the health and economy of the population. Instead, the whole world has a new problem they need to deal with. They need to focus on this new monster and figure out ways to stop it. Western countries are discussing alliances to fight as one against China. In just a few months these alliances will send ships into the Indian Ocean and create a frontier against this newfound threat. To be continued…

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